Friday, May 16, 2008

In God We Trust

Yes, it's been two (2) months since my father died, already in the fullnest of his life at age 84, now just yesterday, May 15,2008, we say thank you to aunt lilibeth who passed away last tue-May13.

Yes,for others- it would seem that life is too short to handle, but not to these people whom we have shared good thoughts, good deeds, but most of all the promises that God has given ever since the World begun.

Emotionally and physically- we are amazed and felt lonely of the situation, and yet if we became more focus on what we felt as of the moment...we wouldn't know how we can cope. Of course memories do linger...happy memories, forget all those indifferents- arguments caused by life's difficulties...situations, and the lack of knowledge why we need to be put into test..always striving into a decision, we only regret afterwards when we finally realized how things dont' turned out the way it has to be.

The good thing here is...God is with us all these years. And I'm sure He was -for i know he was with us, everyone on us- all these years. He never fails to be faithful with his words, unconditionally not traditionally- he has given us his grace- not thru our might but by the power that he has given us almost 2000 yrs. ago. Giving us our will- surpassing any type of boundaries-always there manifesting our desires and creating circumstances with an assurance of victory with faith and good deeds...Yes, i cant even think of a perfect word that would describe how this father-our Lord God has been around all these years.

I felt so comforted of His Amazing love for us, that he had already prepared us for this time....Dad had been a stroke victim for 10 years after a heart attack and from his bedside in ICU for 6mos, recuperrated and barely can walk -in 10 yrs how he came about with being in his old age years- he has to stay in bed on and off ...what else can we ask for, at age 84, he still can read the newspaper! Can even answer a regular daytime showcase on history, and can recognize clearly and speaks other dialects-when he's in good mood. We believe that it's God's promise of a longer life, a bonus life for being obedient to God's words.

Ate beth, age 39 has 3 siblings, and with their situations, ive seen how she had been sssooo responsibly articulate to tasks and life's battle. Even during her last days...i never knew, we never knew, who else can know-anyway...she keeps on sleeping every afternoon after a day's chores, but no one knows how she overcomes the pain..until this last wake of Dad 2 months ago.

Dad was able to hear words of God..and we knew he's already in heaven right now.....

Ate beth on the other hand, during the Dad's wake service was able to accept the Lord as her saviour. Also uncle.

I was one of the witnesses how ate beth was able to hold on to God's promises... an everlasting life.

In pain, physically she called for her husband's comfort, more so, she even ask for help from my other aunt to lend her cellphone asking for a pray-over -over the cellphone! It was sunday...i received their call and i was at a lost for such a situation. She didnt accept the priest service or benediction, the so-called "mangumpisal ka ng kasalanan para mabasbasan ka ng pari bago pumanaw," I was told- yet she called for us to ask for a pastor's service. Afraid that she might ran out of breath before we came to her home, she asked for a phone pray over. Thanks to Pastor Jojo-who was always there, on top of everything...but who knows it was really an appointed time.

The cell phone load was not enough at the time, good enough they called again- that makes the prayer over the phone satisfy one's soul. -Tremendous technology....and this time-thanks be to God for the provision.

The soul indeed needs to be satisfied...she asked for more...she told us to come over at their place with the pastor, probably due for a last wish. It took us 35 minutes to be at their place from our place of worship-Celebration Church, starmall..but the common trip will take an hour. We need to decide, i need to decide if i had to leave Bishop's Rey service -at 12nn we need to leave the pastors' service and cope with this request-thus, at past 12nn we arrived over the place, and saw her at her bed...can't understand how i felt as i saw her consumed by the illness...almost out of breath..

At this time when we ask her to be recognized, we can sensed that the spirit is strong, sharp and attentive.... and ready.

Ready to face the Pastor's Prayer for her release...

We told her not to worry, to release and forgive each and everyone, and to focus on God thru Jesus only, for we know she is about to be with Him...

She was a true example of how God's faithful promises are true, as long as we commit ourselves...and believe in Jesus. It was not her last day anyway.....

I was told that during her last breath, she was nodding in agreement, so humble, peaceful, and trully- those who are at her bedside, had witnessed the coming of the Lord with her.

Yes, it was almost 2mos, when she accepted Christ in her heart...for now at her rest.. we knew...she is just sleeping-and waiting for the call at the Christ's return.

To God be the Glory!


I would like to thank our Church for the prayers and understanding, always there in times of need, especially for the spiritual support and guidance.

To Pastor Jojo,Minstrel,Ptr. Gary, everybody else who cared the most during these times. Thank you to Sis Edna, Sis Joy, Bro. Eli, Bro. Pinong, Bro. Kim, CEM, and all others whom we know have been with us during these times.

To all our relatives, friends, and colleagues. I trully believe in the parable of the sower...let it be a seed sown on good ground.

To all the readers...this i came to draft just today and have decided to publish for all others to be encouraged, be guided, be renewed, and have peace in their hearts. We are all sojourners in this world, and as an ambassador of Christ Jesus, our world is an everlasting world-a spiritual world where we can only be with our creator in spirit thru Christ. Henceforth, as we sojourn in this earthly world, let us sow a good seed and keep our clothes from dirt abiding in faith and using the grace that had been bestowed upon us.

We are all created into God's image. Thus, make use of what we have and be the best of what we can be, creating a difference, knowing and fulfilling what has been the purposes of our existence.


It took me a week to decide if i need to publish this, and trully enough, i needed to decide...i have to , my first title should've been in loving memory but i need to complement God all the more, for without the faith and trust in Him, life would not be so easy for all of us. As i publish this, i have also ended up my mourning days, for i have been emotionally inovertly stagnant after all these sitiations, yet God is God and is good all the time. When He speaks the word, it manifested for me this time, i can say that life is so great especially when you are filled with fruitful things around you. And i can only attest to the true seed, a legacy of proving your faith with God. Hence, as i started my sojourn, i also need to fulfill my existence and sow good seeds for my future Kingdom (Kingdom of God).

I wish to impart this to people who are in need of guidance, God will visit you in a very special way. You have the will to choose, can search for the the Bible and the mistery will be revealed only to you. It could be a secret detail for so long, but with God, it's always been an open book.

God Bless Us All.

Still don't know your gift? what are you fond of? Start with it, make use of it, where time, faith, and love meet, creates a natural success especially made for you.

To God be the Glory!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

LEADERSHIP....By John C. Maxwell

I just want to recall and blog about my last Sunday's activities ......after the Sunday service, and lunch, i went at the nearest bookstore in Shangri-La plaza, my purpose-just to look around for a new book, new items and any other things that can call my attention, only to look for an outlet to release any stress I'm feeling at the moment. Now i know it's not just an ordinary time but was an appointed time for me to- just be there because of these three (3) things:
  1. I was able to see personally Ms Donita Rose, haha! Cunning beauty and not snobbish.
  2. Bonding time with family in spite of the mood swings, it just popped out....(thank God) i was able to overcome it!
  3. I found a nice little's called LEADERSHIP. Im looking forward into buying this book..hopefully to gain more wisdom, be motivated from a speaker like Maxwell.
Now, i finally realized, it always ends up into 3 basic satisfaction i have as of time:
need for others
need for family
and the need for self....
have you read this book anyway...i'll tell you when i have one!

Monday, April 28, 2008

More to come

We are still looking for church members who can be contributors and provide us information on church activities and/or updates all over the country or abroad. You can email us at so that we can arrange the tools and other pros.

Thank you for bearing with us.

There must be something else

I can still remember how excited i was 14 hours ago after finishing the content and some outline and widgets (still under enhancement) for my newly released baby blog that i finally remembered our church website and have it linked to it as my partner.

From the very start, i already had this feeling that something went wrong, because i can't find the site anymore. Finally, after a few calls and confirmations, i was informed that the link no longer existed for some reasons. I didn't ask when did it happened or anything else, anyhow, as a member, i was compelled not to ask, or should i say- not to ask more.

And so i need to decide, from the time i heard that information, i said it shouldn't be left like that. There must be some space to blog about it, to tell the net that there exist a church who cares. A church who became a haven for those who seek guidance. It has to be known for its purpose....because it has become the center of worship, the enter of discipleship, and the center for missions that tansform the world through Christ.

I have searched all others, and because the desire to live up to the vision of our church, i have decided to create this blog and offer this as a token of my appreciation, so that all other members can align themselves to what has been a RHEMA all these years. To God be the Glory!


"Whosoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work." II Corinthians 9:6-8

We are glad that you have visited us! You are in the right track to receive from God: provisions for your needs, healing for your sickness, salvation in His name and blessings from His throne of grace.

Just open your heart and believe in God!